My Top 4 Spring Decor Items

My Top 4 Spring Decor Items

If you have yet to take down your Christmas decor (including the stockings still hanging on your fire place), keep reading! Today I want to share with you the top 4 spring items I am wanting to add to my home this spring. I've decided I'm not going to bother with time in between, I'm just going to transition from one to the other!

1. Artichokes

Hands down, the #1 item you need to add to your spring decor to make you look like you are on trend is artichokes. I saw these absolutely everywhere this winter when picking out items for spring and summer, and if you follow any of the large retailers (ex: Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Arhaus) you will see these popping up in their accent category. They come in several different sizes and colors, but I think the main thing is to be willing to splurge a little on ones looking more realistic. I think that you can find deals on glass vases, and wood items, but I would splurge on your florals to keep your decor from looking cheap and/or like knock off. Kind of like fashion, go cheaper on the basics, but splurge on accessories. 


2. Brass Accents

If you feel like you are getting whiplash switching from gold to silver and back again, you aren't the only one. It seems like when you finally switch over all the decor in your house to one metal type, the other starts popping up all over Instagram. Do you want in on a little secret? Start looking for aged/antique brass pieces. Depending on what colors you pair them with, they will appear either silver or gold. Also, I think these are great for dressing up pieces that need a little more glam like woods, stones, or just whites. Or they are great for toning down glamorous pieces like mirrors, and shiny metals. These candlesticks in the store are great as a simple every day piece, or look beautiful when used in a holiday display. 


3. Greens, Greens, Greens

Don't get me wrong, I love pretty flowers as much as anyone. I even sell fresh flowers for you to have in your home all the time. But, when we are talking about new trends, I really think it's going to be all about green tones this year, and plants and herbs are going to take center stage. This look is so easy to accomplish. Pair several different types and tones of green to fill a vase with a gorgeous arrangement. Loop a garland, or a wreath on a round tray to fill up some space, or display just one simple stem in a vase for a modern and simplistic look. The best part of this trend is using fresh greens and then drying them to achieve this look. I love taking eucalyptus stems, drying it and then leaving it out in a vase. Plus, you get the fragrance of whatever plant you decide to use!

4. Blush Pinks 

Blush colored decor really hit the market last year, and it is here to stay again this year. I know pinks can be hard to decorate with, as you don't want your family home to turn into a bachelorette pad, but blush is a perfect option. On the lighter side and can add some brightness to richer blues and greens and also pairs well with blacks, greys and whites. Can be a fun way to add a lighter color and fun to a neutral color palette. My favorite way to use is a light pink flower in a clear vase, a throw pillow or blanket, or a pale pink vase with some greenery! 

I hope these are some simple ways you can reuse pieces you already have, or are simple things you can add to refresh your decor without breaking the bank and redecorating your whole house. But, if that's what you want to do, just blame me when your husband sees the credit card bill!!



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