Collection: Beljoy Jewelry

Béljoy is a distinct line of handcrafted jewelry produced in the US by local artisans. From 2015 to May of 2020 (COVID19), Béljoy had offered men + women in Haiti the opportunity to earn a dignified and consistent wage through the art of jewelry making. Since COVID-19 & the political unrest in Haiti, we have not been able to rely on production there. However, Béljoy is currently committed to building homes for women and their families in Haiti and investing in children's education. We do this through actual relationships with individuals and partner organizations. Béljoy also supports local US organizations helping women to become sustainable & care for their children.

We have a heart for helping mamas keep and care for their children, so we invest and support in the following programs because we believe (and have personally seen) they are changing lives. Thank you for your purchase, YOU are changing lives. 

Starfish Program:

HAITI: The Starfish program in Haiti exists to keep families together. The program’s ultimate goal is to equip mothers who are at-risk of relinquishing their children to orphanages.  Because they live in such extreme poverty, they are unable to meet their children’s most basic needs. Through this program, we focus on housing, education, employment & spiritual transformation.


HAITI: We have a special obligation to care for those who can’t care for themselves. This includes children brimming with potential who need opportunities, such as education. This also includes children who are abandoned, orphaned, or disabled. These kids are also created in God’s image and deserve our attention.

By investing in the next generation of Haitians, we can bring incremental improvement to everyone. As we pour into the lives of the children through educational, relational, and spiritual ways, we are raising a generation that will impact their communities for Christ. 


HAITI: Middle Ground fights for families because we know that each family has been created by God, and it is when they are together that all of their unique pieces and talents work the best. Poverty is not a reason to separate a child from their parent, so we work hard to keep families intact and give them the tools that they need to be the very best that they can be - together!

In order to best support the families that we work with,  we focus on three specific programs - malnutrition treatment, caregiver education, and ongoing sustainability - providing a holistic approach to treating and preventing malnutrition.


JOPLIN, MO: Washington Family Hope Center (WFHC) is truly a dream fulfilled and a tree of life for the families we serve. In the past, we could shelter mothers who became homeless, but not their children. Now, we can keep families together as they get back on their feet.