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Spicy Mediterranean Dipping Oil

Spicy Mediterranean Dipping Oil

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Zesty chilies combine with piquant paprika, aromatic garlic, earthy cumin and fragrant herbs to create this subtly spiced dipping oil for bread. To enhance these Mediterranean flavors, we love to serve it alongside focaccia or drizzled over spreads like hummus.

Guests coming over? Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by pouring a few tablespoons of our Spicy Medditerranean Dipping Oil into a small bowl or shallow dish and serving it some artisan bread. Invite everyone to pull apart the loaf and dip pieces into the oil. Add a glass of wine and everyone will be happy! For picnics or pot luck get-togethers, drizzle some of this amazing oil over noodles for a delicious cold pasta salad. Brush on shrimp and continue to baste shrimp skewers while grilling and enjoy a fantastic homemade grilled shrimp scampi.

  • A smooth, rich and flavorful dipping oil
  • Use as marinade, on pasta salad or for dipping
  • Enhances flavor in recipes


Pure Olive Oil, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Oregano, Chilies, Fennel, Salt, Paprika, Cumin

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