Have You Ever Seen the Movie "Fern Gully"? Let's Chat About Ferns.

Have You Ever Seen the Movie "Fern Gully"? Let's Chat About Ferns.

You might be a little skeptical about the title of this blog post, but I promise I will pull it together. This time of year, I have just take down my Christmas decor (yes, it's the end of January), and the only reason I have taken it down is because I'm starting to get claustrophobic. I don't know about you, but after the craziness of the holidays, I just want something that is clean and simple in design but yet packs a major punch. 

So, my usual interest leans toward lighter colors (whites, blush, pale blue and light greens) and lots of plants. My favorite plant I find myself drawn to this last year is the fern. And full circle to the title of this blog post. I have no idea why, but whenever I think about ferns, I think about that movie. Which has nothing to do with ferns, and I've only seen like twice my whole life. If you are new to this blog, or store, welcome to my crazy and weird mind. 

Anyway, back to ferns. I really like this plant, because I feel like it is gorgeous and statement making on it's own in a planter with the burst of branches, but I also think it is so classic and timeless with just one branch as an accent piece. I also love the tone of green, as I feel like it's the perfect plant you can invest in for all year. It looks great in the spring, summer, fall, and can even be used as a fixed green in the winter and Christmas. I wanted to share some images of some ferns I am crushing hard on right now! 

Image Credit: @ Home With Ashley

This first image I wanted to share is something so simple, and super easy to create. I'm sure you have pieces just like this, or something similar you could use to recreate in your own home. I could just stare at the white, and wood tones, with the bright green all day. This is such a simple, yet impactful way to update any room in your home. 


Image Credit: The Glam Pad 

This second image I wanted to share is of two ferns in planters at the entrance of a home. This is probably one of my favorite ways to use ferns. I think they are just so stunning in these urn shaped planters in the front of this gorgeous home. The best thing I think about the color variation in ferns is that they can go with so many different house colors, and planter colors. They look gorgeous with almost any color of patio furniture as well, and I think they add some sophistication while also being fun and quirky. 


Image Credit: JolieMarche

Switching gears, I wanted to also show you a way to incorporate ferns a nontraditional way, and a way that you won't kill anything. Speaking from a black thumb gardener. I love all of the different green tones in this pillow, and I definitely think this is one that you would keep forever. Add it to an accent chair in the corner of a room, on a guest bed to add some interest, or as a central pillow on a patio loveseat. 


Image Credit: Betapet

The final and probably largest way to incorporate ferns is this gorgeous wallpaper. Now, before you go to crazy on me, and start screaming "I thought we were toning things down", listen closely. Something like this can be used in a small section of your home. It doesn't even have to be a full wall. Use it as the back drop in a library bookcase. Add it to one wall to create an accent wall, or even use it in a closet or pantry just to brighten a normally drab space. Also, you could lay the wallpaper over a canvas, add some simple wood framing and create your own art piece. Something like this would stand out against a backdrop of white shiplap. And I KNOW you all have one of those walls in your home. 

These are some simple ways to add touches of ferns throughout your home, but if you are wanting to go off the deep end and do everything fern, check out my Pinterest board HERE, to see all things fern I'm loving right now. 

Until next time (or until my 3 year old takes another nap), 



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