• V-Day Gift Guide!

    I feel like as I talk to friends and customers people either LOVE Valentine's Day, or they HATE Valentine's Day. There is no in between! I have to admit before working in retail during this controversial holiday, I wasn't always a huge fan. I always thought Brad would get me a puppy and he doesn'... View Post
  • My Top 4 Spring Decor Items

    If you have yet to take down your Christmas decor (including the stockings still hanging on your fire place), keep reading! Today I want to share with you the top 4 spring items I am wanting to add to my home this spring.  View Post
  • Have You Ever Seen the Movie "Fern Gully"? Let's Chat About Ferns.

    You might be a little skeptical about the title of this blog post, but I promise I will pull it together. This time of year, I have just take down my Christmas decor (yes, it's the end of January), and the only reason I have taken it down is because I'm starting to get claustrophobic. I don't know about you, but after the craziness of the holidays, I just want something that is clean and simple in design but yet packs a major punch. 

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