V-Day Gift Guide!

V-Day Gift Guide!

I feel like as I talk to friends and customers people either LOVE Valentine's Day, or they HATE Valentine's Day. There is no in between! I have to admit before working in retail during this controversial holiday, I wasn't always a huge fan. I always thought Brad would get me a puppy and he doesn't. Cue the disappointment! However, now working in retail, I absolutely love it. It is so incredibly fun to get to deliver gifts to people, and also to hear about how much they loved their gift when I see them after the holiday. 


I love giving gifts, and I love shopping for gift items in the store, because I always buy things that I would love to get as a gift. I wanted to put together this quick gift guide for you to make your shopping easier! 


First up! Let's talk about pampering. I think this is the best holiday to give the most luxurious gifts and the receiver doesn't feel guilty because it's all about the guilty pleasures! We have lots of amazing items to help your loved one relax and recharge!

Wine Scented Bath Salts

We have these amazing wine scented bath salts that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft after relaxing in a hot bath. We have several varieties to choose from for every wine lover on your list. 

Face & Eye Masks 

Don't forget these amazing eye, face and neck masks for her to use while she is relaxing in the bath. The bath salts will take care of her body, and these will take care of her face. Packed with essential ingredients to recharge your skin. We have several varieties to choose from that will target the issues she complains about every day!


The last step in the perfect pampering scenerio is a scented candle! We have these gorgeous Anthropologie inspired candles. Let the scent surround her while she is relaxing. I don't know about you, but scents can really change my mood, and I love having a candle going while enjoying a bath! 

Next up! Let's talk about jewelry. I know all of us love diamonds and would probably prefer those, but the reality is we can't always afford diamonds. Have no fear! We have some amazing options for you to choose from that are less expensive but just as meaningful! 

Echo Cuff Bracelets

These bracelets have sentimental sayings inscribed on the inside, and then the outside shows the sound waves of that saying. A unique bracelet, with a secret sentimental saying. These are adjustable, and can be layered with other jewelry. I love wearing mine with my Apple Watch! 

This is just a very small sample of the items we have available in store! We have gift baskets, candy, and other gifts items. You can click HERE to go to our special curated Valentine's Day Collection. Don't forget to grab a fresh floral bouquet to go with your gift items! Naomi and I would love to help you find that perfect gift for your sweetie! 


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