Not Your Mom's Outdoor Planters

Not Your Mom's Outdoor Planters

Spring is officially here. Local stores are starting to roll out their planters and adding more and more fresh plants every day. If you are anything like me, you have grand designs in your head, and convince yourself you can spend a ridiculous amount of money on plants you are going to forget to water and kill in about 3 weeks. I'm pretty sure my husband hates this time of year, I talk non-stop about all these plans I have for our patio and the landscaping around the house. Unfortunately for him, he ends up having to struggle to keep the plants alive all summer. But, these bad thoughts aside, I'm obsessed with all the options available this year.

Right after Christmas, I ordered some copper kitchen items for the store and I. Can't. Get. Enough. I want to throw out everything in my kitchen and restart with all copper items. To avoid some tough conversations with the hubby, I decided copper planters would look amazing with the blue-grey color of our house. And luckily for me, they now make copper spray paint.

I've been eyeing these planters for a while at Lowe's. I just can't decide if they are a little too formal for our house. Honestly, I think I will go ahead and get them as our house is really plain and this will add some detail. (and spray painted copper, of course)

Urn Planter

I know what you are thinking. Why, am I going with these cheap $11.46 plastic planters, when I have an interior design blog. Well, what you don't know about me, is that I live in Nebraska where the wind blows all. the. time. I have my heart broken multiple times purchasing ceramic planters only to come home and find them shattered all over our concrete patio.

Also, we have two patios, one in front of the house, and one in the back. I really want to add some statement pieces this summer with some hardy plants, and I don't want to break the bank to get it accomplished. I can always change the color of these, or swap them out for more expensive options as we finish the patio.

I also recently made these additional purchases from Target. They are on their game for outdoor and garden decor this season. I'm so excited to add these around our house. Filled with succulents, because they are beautiful and the only plants that survive my black thumb.

Metallic Pewter Planter

I'm debating putting this one in our bathroom upstairs or on our wood patio table. I think it will probably get moved around a lot. But something that I can reuse so many different ways. 

Cedar Planter

This beautiful baby I bought to sit on our Dining Room Table. I painted our vintage wood Farmhouse Table from a nasty sea-form green to a gorgeous charcoal grey (Thank you Iron Ore from Sherwin-Williams). I've been into adding natural wood to rooms to add some brightness and ground the space, and I can't wait to add this to our table. Then maybe my husband will stop using it as a dump. 

Glass Terrarium

Annnnnndddddd finally, this gorgeous glass terrarium. I'm so giddy when ever I look at the picture of this terrarium, and I can't wait to get it home and fill it with some pretty succulents. 

This is the round up of the planters I will be buying this season. Check back in a week or so, (our locally owned greenhouse doesn't open until April 19th) to see them in action. Also, shopping links to the websites are linked below the pictures, so just click on them to purchase for yourself. Finally, if you have some extra time, sign up for our newsletter so you can get notifications of new blog posts! 




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